Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Rental AC Split

Air-Conditioner rentals in Chennai are common due to lot of service provider in this space. But how to rely on the service providers and their expertise. Always look for the age of the AC's and technical knowledge and suggestions given by the service providers.

PayRentz offers rental AC Split in Chennai and its sub-urban too in the variant of 1.0 ton and 1.5 ton Split AC's.  Complete end to end solutions is provided right from transportation, delivery, installation, post rent service, uninstall, pick-up.

Cost of  1.0 ton  - Split Rs.1600 per month, Security deposit is Rs.4000 (refundable) and handling charges is Rs.2000. Handling charges includes of  transportation, delivery, installation, post rent service, uninstall, pick-up.

Along with AC we provide 3 meter copper wire and single booster stabilizer.  If the installtion requires extra copper wire and iron grill then that will be charged on actual. 

 for more details of the rental AC split call 8939581818 / 044-48638090 or write to or visit

Saturday, 13 May 2017

washing Machine on rent in Coimbatore

PayRentz offers washing machine on rent in Coimbatore. Top loading fully automatic washing machine with 6kg capacity is available on rent in Coimbatore. Delivery, installation, service and pickup will be taken care. Washing machines are branded and well maintained by team of professional technicians and it is available for monthly rent. for more details please call 044-3100 3040 or 31004050  

Furniture on rent in Coimbatore

PayRentz, Chennai based #rental company has expanded it Presence to #Coimbatore recently. After two years of successful operations in Chennai, #PayRentz has set a shop in Coimbatore. In home appliances category TV, refrigerator, washing machine, Microwave oven, mixer grinder is offered and in furniture category single wooden cot, double wooden cot, mattress, sofa, coffee table, TV unit, dining table is offered on rent. products are branded and quality is assured as always. Home appliances in Coimbatore will be very convenient to people on the move. Products are provided on monthly rent for more details call 044-3100 3040, 3100 4050 or visit Renting is the new mantra.

Friday, 28 April 2017

PayRentz now in Coimbatore!

Home appliances and Furniture renting major PayRentz has started their operations in Coimbatore from 29th April 2017. 

PayRentz offers more than 24 home appliances, furniture, cycles and fitness products on rent for the past two years in Chennai. from today same quality products and service is available in Coimbatore as well. 

In the home appliances category customers can take Television, refrigerator, washing machine, Microwave oven, Food processor. In the furniture category customers can take single cot, double cot, sofa, coffee table, dining table, TV unit and ergonomic chairs.        

for more details please call 044-3100 3040 /3100 4050 | visit | 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

AC on rent in Chennai

PayRentz offers AC's on rent in Chennai. we have 1ton and 1.5ton split AC's for monthly rent.

Installation, uninstallation, transportation, delivery and service will be handled. for more details please call 0443100 3040 / 044 3100 4050 or write to us in 

Minimum rental period four month. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Importance of Refrigerators!

A refrigerator is one of the most important machines in the kitchen for keeping foods safe and to prevent its quality. Refrigerator becomes so common today, in India perception of refrigerator was a little more than a box generally to supply ice cubes or to keep the beverages & ice creams as it should be and which is a source of cold air. But now refrigerator has taken place even in the list marriage gifts, either it will come as wedding gift or it is one of the essential products the parents give to their children after their marriage.
Even though refrigerator become so common we are instantly reminded of its importance only when the power goes off or the unit fails, putting our food's safety in risk.
Why refrigeration of food is so important? Bacteria exist everywhere in nature they are in the soil, air, water, and the foods we eat and refrigeration slows bacterial growth. Food has nutrients, moisture and in favorable temperatures bacteria grows rapidly, increasing in numbers to the point where some types of bacteria can cause illness. Bacteria grow most rapidly in the range of temperatures between 40 and 140 °F, the "Danger Zone," some doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes. A refrigerator set at 40 °F or below will protect foods and keep it edible.
Then you may ask is there any bacteria develops in low temperature. Yes. There are few families of bacteria grows at low temperature. Spoilage bacteria can grow at low temperatures, such as in the refrigerator.
Food that has been left too long on the counter without refrigeration may be dangerous to eat, but could look fine. Food that has been stored too long in the refrigerator or freezer may be of lessened quality, but most likely would not make anyone sick.
Refrigerators provided by PayRentz have shelves which can be adjustable to accommodate a variety of packages. Our refrigerators feature adjustable shelves to contain spills and make cleanup easier you can even pull out to provide better accessibility to items in the back.
Don't store easily perishable foods in the door. The temperature of the storage bins in the door fluctuate more than the temperature in the cabinet. Keep the door closed as much as possible. Do not use any type of electrical heating device, ice pick, knife, or other sharp object to remove frost, as this could damage the inner lining.
Want to rent a refrigerator in Chennai, call PayRentz now at 044 3100 30 40 /044 3100 40 50 or mail to For more details and other home appliances visit

Friday, 26 February 2016

                          PayRentz - The Rental People    

PayRentz specializes in providing rental solutions to clients by offering a wide range of Appliances, Home Entertainment, Furniture and Fitness Products apart from other customized requirements. Whatever may be your rental needs, PayRentz has it covered with a solution tailored for you. Our objective is to make life easy for clients by offering customized rental solutions which includes speedy delivery, free transportation, free standard installation, flexible payment options and prompt service delivery. 

PayRentz is founded and run by a team of professionals who quit lucrative corporate careers after working with top financial institutions and software companies for more than a decade. PayRentz aims to become the leading and preferred rental solutions provider in the country. Each member of the founding team has taken individual responsibility of Sales, Credit, Operations and Service to ensure that all the said functions are given its due attention to achieve remarkable client experience.

Be it big or small, Home is a place where people rejuvenate themselves on a daily basis and we endorse that a great home is the key to the success of every individual. In the process of creating a great home, we partner with our clients, help them make an informed choice and shoulder the responsibility of furnishing and transforming the place. We do this job well and usually land up creating a feel good environment at home to suit an individual’s style and needs.